I can hear it. I can smell it. I can feel it.

As I alight from my car at the Puslinch Community Centre parking lot, I can hear the lilting happy music of the busker far away, but as I walk closer, clutching cloth bags in hand, the concert of sound ringing in my ears becomes louder and then softly merges with the hum of voices.

The scent of fresh….what is that…the pungent and delightful aroma of things green, no wait, red….or is it white, waft into my senses. It’s almost like the earthy scent of a sun shiny morning after a quick bright rainfall.  I cross the threshold and it all comes together. Now I can feel it in my bones and in my heart. The Aberfoyle Farmers’ Market Opening day is here.

As I write this it hasn’t happened yet. But having done this three times already since 2011 I know what to expect. Or do I?

Never a dull moment here as our family of vendors past and present come together to create a magical place to spend time with people you enjoy and shop for only fresh, only local produce and goods. I imagine stories will be shared of how we got through The Winter and it will be said many times how we can’t believe the market is finally open.

What can you expect this year on Opening Day? Well, there will be many of our old favourites with locally roasted Nicaraguan coffee, delicious baked goods – savoury and sweet, local honey and maple syrup, sauces and preserves. Fresh produce, such as asparagus, mushrooms and rhubarb as well as local high quality meats.

Some of our vendors serve up freshly prepared foods that can be taken out or you may choose to enjoy a hot breakfast or lunch sandwich at one of the picnic tables. New this year – Thai soups!

Our arts and crafts vendors are unique and tempt us with luxurious handmade soaps made with all natural ingredients and then there is beautifully crafted jewellery. Our artisans range from wood carvers to weavers and knitters and a children’s seamstress. And you can brighten your life with flowers. The ladies at Sun Rise Acres will be happy to put together a custom bouquet for you.

What else makes out market unique? Every week we feature a local service business to showcase what they offer to the community and how they can make your life better.  We will have an Indian cuisine chef, bookkeepers and knife sharpeners! And on opening day you can come and learn how Snap Shot Solutions can help preserve your family stories and history with your photos.

So what’s new? Well……..

We have French Macaroons from Love at First Bite, those sweet meringue based confections that are as beautiful and colourful as they are delicious. And how about buttery succulent strudel from The Strudel Lady? And what will The Village Sweet Shop bring? Come and find their sweet surprises for yourself – and maybe indulge a little?!

Well it must be 5pm somewhere in the world so let’s talk about beer. Yes, I said beer – but not just any beer. Wellington Brewery and The Aberfoyle Farmers’ Market will be announcing a limited edition Farmer’s Market beer: Saison Rhubarb. It won’t be around long so if you favour an excellent crafted beer made with local ingredients, snatch up a case pronto – I know I will be doing just that.

This weekend and next will be our Garden Days Event, featuring vegetable and flowering plants as well as local experts you can consult with about pollination, pruning and garden planning. And if you have dull garden tools, bring them along and Sharp My Knife, a new vendor at the market, can sharpen them for you. Knives as well, so bring the whole cutlery family along! Note: Sharp My Knife will be here only on the second weekend of the Garden Event – May 31 and then the 4th Saturday of each month for the rest of the season.

All season long every week I will be focussing on a story from one of our vendors, as well as giving you a sneak peek at what’s up and coming for the weekend. So please follow along and meet our friendly market and family of vendors right here and at the market. This and so much more will be there every weekend along with the food you love, the growers you know, starting opening day May 24, 8am to 1pm.

2 thoughts on “Aberfoyle Farmer’s Market 4th Year Opening Day”

  1. Looking forward to my very first time at the market. I don’t live too far away and I can’t wait to see what is in store for me. I love to buy locally and I can’t imagine it being any more local. For many years I went to the St Jacobs market but I feel the need to shop closer to Guelph and area. See you Saturday.


    1. Darlene we look forward to seeing you! Be sure to come and say hello – my table will be right next to the mushroom guys! They’re pretty friendly too – well everybody is!
      See you Saturday!

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