IMG_1624I debated on what to call this recipe. If you are like me, I had you with bacon and you probably read this as “Bacon wrapped…. does it really even matter?” . But this recipe uses Blue cheese, and many of you are anti-blue cheesers. And I feel you, because I was once one of you. But I ask you to keep an open mind, because the earthy pungent flavours of Blue cheese works very well with the mushrooms and bacon. But, if you really can’t handle Blue cheese then cream cheese would work okay as well. So, I have named them only cheese stuffed mushrooms, instead of Blue cheese stuffed.

A few weeks ago I posted the recipe that my family uses for making dill pickles. And I mentioned how once my brother-in-law tried them for the first time, we became a pickle making family. Each year they come over to our house and we have a pickle making weekend. Now, it doesn’t really take the whole weekend to make pickles, so we need to fill the rest of the time with good food and drink. The first time we tried this recipe was on one of those pickle making weekends.

These little warm morsels of smoky bacon awesomeness are just delicious! And you can’t stop at just one either. And the best part? You can obtain all the ingredients from our farmers market. Visit Top Market Meats for the bacon and cheese and Lincoln Mushrooms for the mushrooms of course. Beyond that you just need some tooth picks or skewers. These are so simple that they could even be cooked over a fire or bbq. Talk about a gourmet camping snack. You will be the talk of the town impressing campers for miles if you served these in the Canadian wilderness.


Large white or cremini mushrooms

Bacon strips

Creamy or softened Blue cheese or cream cheese


1. Remove the stem and centre of clean mushrooms with a spoon creating a “bowl” or well in the middle of the mushroom.

2. Spread creamy or softened Blue cheese (or cream cheese) in the centre filling up the well.

3. Cut the bacon strips in half width wise and wrap around the mushroom from top to bottom cover the cheesy centre.

4. Use a tooth pick or skewer to hold the bacon in place

5. Bake mushrooms on a cookie sheet covered with parchment paper at 375 degrees until the bacon has been cooked to your liking. Or grill on a bbq or over a fire until done.

Visit the Aberfoyle Farmers Market in Aberfoyle, Ontario at 23 Brock Road South, on the rink surface of the Optimist Recreation Centre. Saturdays from the end of May until the end of October, 8am to 1pm.