What Dad doesn’t love a hot dog? This week’s soccer snack is just that – sponsored by Wa’s Kobe Dogs. Now you don’t have to be a kid playing soccer in Puslinch this Saturday to enjoy a good dog. I have an idea. Since it is Father’s Day this weekend why not give Pops two days off and bring him to the Aberfoyle Farmers’ Market? What could be more cool than that?

So it may not be a golf course, (let him do that on Sunday while you enjoy a butter tart from Tigchelaar Farms), but there are quite a few cool things at the market he will enjoy and you can even buy him his gift there. That’s what I call multitasking! Bonus: you and the whole family will have an awesome time too. So are you with me?

Let me count the ways you can entertain Daddy, bring home amazing stuff (for him and for you) and give the gift that keeps on giving.

First, come early and buy him a locally roasted coffee from John of Just A Cup. Not too far from John is Sweet Temptations and I happen to know they are baking up some flavours just for Father’s Day, so mosey on over there and ask Jakki about them. Alert! Buy at least a dozen because they are sooo good and they go sooo fast.

Armed with coffee and a cupcake sit down at a picnic table and put together your plan of attack while tapping your toes to the busker music.  I think the market should be savoured over time and taking a moment at the beginning is a civilized way to start. No hustle and bustle here. The Old Man gets enough of that at work.

Our vendors love to talk and have great stories to share, all you have to do is ask. Find out how bees make honey, or where Paul of Pauly’s Den gets all his ideas for the reclaimed wood he finds. Where does he get that wood? Have you ever talked to Vinnie about his mushrooms?  Now there’s a guy you don’t want to miss!

So now that you have been sufficiently fed, done a tour and had some great chats now it’s time to start finding all those treats that are going to make Papa happy. Here are my ideas – and get a market bag from one of the vendors because you are going to need it.

Maple syrup from Shady Grove Maple Company. How about making Pappy pancakes for breakfast before he goes golfing on Sunday, served with the gooey deliciousness of maple syrup? Lately I have been using maple syrup to make my own dressings and I have been caught a couple of times pouring it over vanilla ice cream.

When the Big Guy gets home after the round let him put his feet up while you grill pork chops from Top Market Meats with Roothams Gourmet’s Honey Asparagus BBQ Sauce.  Before dinner snacks could be the most amazing cheese from Sun Rise Acres, you absolutely have to try this cheese. It’s really, really good. Oh, and the eggs for the pancake mix – you can get that from them too.

After dinner dessert? I’m thinking those cupcakes. If those have been scarfed down along with the butter tarts, there are macaroons from…..wait, let me tell you about Naruemon later. And then of course The Strudel Lady has cherry, apple and blueberry strudel – buttery and flaky, fresh from the oven.

Skip the Hallmarks and be sure to buy a card from Heather at Gregory’s Greetings – she will help you find one that is perfect for Daddio. And then that gift? Well, I think a basket of beer soap, or some cool wood thing from Pauly’s Den, or even a hand knit hat from Freelton Fibre Mill would make Pops smile. Get Ute to tell you about her pet Llama Margaret. Yes Margaret.

So now all your shopping is done. Don’t go yet. There is one little gem that I haven’t told you about yet. And it’s so awesome I almost don’t want to tell you for fear that there may be a run on this and I might find myself one weekend out of luck because it’s all gone. 

Love at First Bite. Naruemon makes a soup every Saturday that will knock your flavour socks right off the planet. I’m not kidding. Her soups are the best I’ve ever tasted and I consider myself quite the soup aficionado. It’s the stock she uses. Every good soup starts there and she simply makes the best. When I had her Northern Thai Style Chicken Noodle Soup I never wanted to reach the bottom of the bowl. Before you take Poppa home, be kind to yourself and have the soup.

New vendors this week will be Refresh Juice Co., and the Guelph Bean Counter. No they don’t sell beans – it’s our service vendor who is an accountant and has a really neat name. 

Get Dad off the couch for the Best Dad’s Day ever, maybe even make it a tradition at our friendly market with our family of vendors. We will be there every weekend along with the food you love, the growers you know, every Saturday from 8am to 1pm until the end of October.