This Saturday is the first day of summer. At long last. School is out, the sun and warmth are here to stay and wait……..hmmm……..there’s something else. It happens every year in June. In Aberfoyle. In the Optimist Recreation Centre. At the Aberfoyle Farmers’ Market. It’s outrageously fun. And it involves tons of smiles and laughter.

Its Kid’s Day this Saturday, June 21 and believe me, every year it just keeps getting better and better.  In fact last year was the first time I had my own table at the market and while I knew it was going to be energetic, I was so overwhelmed with the joy of the day. For me, for the vendors, for the families, but for the children it was off the charts amazing.

There was a scavenger hunt for two age ranges of children. I didn’t realize I was a part of it until I set up that morning. I absolutely delighted in seeing the kids search for their clues. Sometimes they would start to pass me so I would give them a big smile and nod ever so slightly towards the clue. I ended up like a bobble head if the hint didn’t strike from the get go!

I could see the light go on when they figured it out, that I was the camera clue, and then I would get to initial the discovery on their chart. I’ll be there again this year as the service vendor with my business Snap Shot Solutions and will be offering again to take polaroid pictures of the kids. I love their looks of disbelief when I tell them the photo will appear like magic before their eyes. All they have to do is “shake it”. Pretty awesome for children who have grown up in the digital age of photo taking.

The Scavenger Hunt is not the only fun thing returning to the market this year.  Who doesn’t love the Guelph Storm – their mascot Spyke will be bringing the Storms’ tunnel for all those hockey enthusiasts – ok Dad go ahead and take a shot, I’m sure no one will mind!

Speaking of tunnels the Puslinch Fire Department will be there as well. How cool to talk to the firefighters about, well, fire? Ha!  I don’t know what kids ask firefighters! Maybe they ask how to be just like them when they grow up.

Bulldog Interactive Fitness is back and you can find out what the kids can do to be fit and have fun with lots of physical activity – and how to make new friends at the Dog Pound.

One of the big attractions last year will be Face Painting – the kids LOVED it and I enjoyed seeing them after I had taken the pre-face paint polaroid picture. Well, they will be back to transform your child’s face into a ferocious animal or a sweet flower.

Whistle Stop Daycare and Momstown Guelph will be here with activities and crafts for the kids. And the YMCA Guelph is back with information about the Puslinch Power Camp and other summer programs for children of all ages.

And don’t forget the free samples and goodies from many of our vendors. Freebies – yah!

I’ve left the best for last. Wait for it………wait……Warner Orchards will be back for the season and they won’t come empty handed. They will have local strawberries. Yes, it’s true. They are finally here. I cannot wait to smell the lovely aroma of the sweet juicy red berry. I can smell it now, can you? Come and see Jim and Mary and welcome them home to their corner at the market.

If fun for everyone is what you are looking for you will find it here at our friendly market with our family of vendors. We will be there every weekend along with the food you love, the growers you know, every Saturday from 8am to 1pm until the end of October.