I can’t bake. Neither could my mother. She was an amazing cook though in an era when Kraft was King and people stood in front of the microwave stomping their feet and shouting “HURRY!”  Not my Mom. She poured over cookbooks the way we scour Facebook these days.  Slow food made from real ingredients was her style. But bake? Not on your meringue.

I recall a dinner party where everyone was raving to her about the dessert which happened to be a cake she bought at a bakery. Guests ran up to her waving their forks madly with a wild look in their eyes that said “I’m having seconds! What a great cake Ina!” She would smile politely and say thank you.

I was in shock. How could my Mother do that? Lie so blatantly to her loved ones? Disgraceful I said. When she asked me why I would say such a thing I countered that it was simply wrong….….she didn’t bake the cake. She turned her head and blinked at me like a Cheshire cat and stated, “I’ll take the credit for knowing where to get a great cake.”

She was right. Better to know where to get the best cake. And in my case – cupcakes.

Meet Jaqueline Doyle. Better known to many as Jakki.

Jakki is the face and the substance behind Sweet Temptations Cupcakery. But the reason she is here today, founder and owner of a successful a growing bakery? They say behind every great woman is long line of women. And in this case those women would be her Nana and Elizabeth Doyle, her Mum.


Jakki and her sibling grew up living with both her parents and her grandparents. It was her Nana that taught her to bake when she was little. So it was there that the cupcake seed was planted. But it was her Mum, her backbone, her everything, the behind the scenes team member and cheerleader that made sure the business would get off to a good start and flourish along the way.

It started as a “Jobby” – a word Jakki has coined to be a job that’s a hobby. She would bake and give away cupcakes. Then she started to get requests from her friends to bake her cupcakes for special occasions. When she heard about the market launching within a year of her moving to Puslinch she decided to apply to be a vendor.

Sweet Temptations was the first cupcake vendor on the first day of the first year when the Aberfoyle Farmers’ Market opened in 2011. The night before opening day her Mum helped her fold boxes until the wee hours of the morning. It wasn’t without hesitation mind you. Her wise and practical mother did challenge Jakki every step of the way, starting with asking “would anyone buy cupcakes on a regular basis?”

Jakki sold out of cupcakes by 11:30am on opening day and before the market closed at 1pm she had lassoed the market manager and became a full time vendor. Two more farmers’ markets and a storefront later and the rest is history.

Jakki loves that her cupcakes become a part of celebrations and this Mother’s Day will be no different. There are no deadlines to order and they will be open from 12-4pm this Sunday. She says they will bake until the very last possible minute. But if you want to be very sure to walk away with the deliciously specially decorated Mother’s Day flavours you can pre-order.

Sweet Temptations is welcoming orders and can be contacted at jacqueline@sweettemptations.ca or call 519-362-0894

Check out their website at www.SweetTemptations.ca

And if you ever ask Jakki where the name Sweet Temptations came from she will tell you it was a collaboration. Her mum will say she was the brain behind it. And as I think of my Mom I will remember….Mother knows best.

After Mother’s Day is over come and visit Jakki at the Aberfoyle Farmers’ Market. She will be there every weekend along with the food you love, the growers you know, and Sweet Temptations, starting with opening day May 24, 8am to 1pm.