BY Daina Makinson

This spring will be the Aberfoyle Farmers’ Market’s third year in operation.  I for one, and I know there are many like me, am waiting in rapturous anticipation for the opening day.

When I first moved to Puslinch I came from the suburban and rapidly growing concrete jungle of Oakville.  A farmers’ market to me was usually held in the parking lot of a monolithic mall on weekday mornings.  Not something I could access due to my nine to five corporate entrapment.

I first heard of the possibility of a local farmers’ market in the community from one of the (eventual) first year board members. I thought – cool – I live here, now I can “eat” here.  And now after two years I have realized just how close “here” actually is.

I myself am honoured to be newly elected to the Aberfoyle Farmers’ Market Association Board and at my first meeting in February I discovered something I didn’t really know.

Each vendor must sell product that is grown and/or produced locally in Ontario.  Currently all our vendors come from within a 100 km radius.  No lemons or bananas here – strangely I have seen this produce at other farmers’ markets and thought in wonder where in Ontario do they grow tropical fruit?  Doh! – I’m such a city girl.

How awesome is that?  That we can truly buy local and support our own farmers and businesses that thrive right here…….or neighbour our township. AND enjoy lively music from local musicians; treat ourselves to a delectable breakfast or lunch with locally roasted coffee; and straddle one of the picnic tables (no reservations needed) with sun beaming down on our faces; catching up on the weekly news (gossip) with our neighbours and friends.

Customers from Guelph and Morriston compare purchases.

The Market is my guilty pleasure. So much that I threw my towel in the proverbial ring and asked that part of my contribution to the AFMA board be writing a monthly column for the Puslinch Pioneer – the hub of local information for the community.  You’re reading it right now aren’t you?!  Why?  Because you love Puslinch and all that it has to offer.

So The Aberfoyle Farmers’ Market: News From The Field is born.  The articles will be fresh, hopefully entertaining and will definitely shine a light on the many fascinating things we can learn about our market.

There will not only be profiles on the vendors, but information about off season activities, interesting stories about our volunteers and buskers, and timely tips, all seen through the eyes and experience of a city girl who moved to Puslinch and has fallen in love with this magical place.

This isn’t just my column – it’s yours.  Yours to contribute ideas, topics and ask questions. Let me know what you’d like me to cover in the months ahead.  Send me your questions and we will do our best to address them all.  Through this column and our website ….follow us on Twitter!@AberfoyleMarket. You can email me at We are always looking for volunteers, so why not find out what you can do to join in on the excitement?

Open from the last Saturday in May ‘til the last Saturday in October, in downtown Aberfoyle in the Optimist Rec Centre, from 8am ‘til 1pm.  See you at the Market!