You will first be asked to create a Profile. In this section the program requires some information that may not apply to you. Simply write N/A in these spaces.

It would be beneficial to provide the contact information for your employees (email please) so they will get information directly that may relate to a day they are attending your stall at the market.

Critical Information: We have to have reliable contact information for at least one person at your business. You must include at least one email address.

We highly suggest you include a brief description of your company and include all of your social media links in order to have a good public profile for people visiting our website as your public profile will be linked to our website.

Next you will have to fill out the Products page. Here simply scroll through until you see “Services”. Click the months you would be available.  Don’t worry too much about getting this correct, the space where you choose your dates comes later in the application.

Next you will be directed to a list of markets you would like to apply to. Choose the Aberfoyle Farmers’ Market. This part of the application is self explanatory, however if you have any questions at all, please contact the market manager:

Thank you for your patience as we transition to this new system. You only have to fill out the profile and products section once (unless you are changing something significant), so if you are returning next year or you are attending or planning on attending other markets that use this software (like Guelph), you won’t have to fill out this portion more than once.