I have been a big fan of Jaime Oliver since he first showed up on Food Television as the Naked Chef.  And now I thoroughly enjoy his show where he wears his Wellies while cooking in the garden with his outdoor oven carved into a rock! It’s so…so…well….pastoral.

Today I got a newsletter from Top Market Meats and it has conjured up the utter joy I feel when Jaime concocts up a seasonal meal in his rustic kitchen.

You don’t have to wait for the Aberfoyle Farmers’ Market to open May 24 to find great things to inspire your family meal this Easter.  They have grass fed lamb and goat available starting at $9lb. from chops, shoulders, legs, stewing, ribs and sausage.

Whole rabbit and all different cuts including rabbit sausage.  Tamworth pork in all different ways including hams, bacon, stewing, ground, chops, breakfast sausage and sausage. Tamworth pork by the way makes life worth living. Being a Latvian I grew up on pork and I’m telling you, this isn’t my mother’s pork chop! It’s sooo much better!

Duck, duck, duck…Goose! Also available is duck (pekin and muscovy) from 4.5lbs up to 10lbs. and goose starting at 8.5lbs up to 12lbs.  As well as larger turkeys available in weights starting at 20lbs up to 30lbs.

And speaking of Jaime Oliver – have you ever roasted potatoes in duck lard? They turn into crispy little clouds of deliciousness! And it’s now available in large and small containers.  I always get applause for my roast potatoes, so it will be a large container for me this Easter!

Leslie sent a link for a lamb recipe along in the newsletter so here it is:


Ok, so the Jaime Oliver thing wasn’t my idea – guilty!  Thanks Leslie for the inspiration!

You can place your order with Leslie Zinger at Top Market Meats by calling her at 519-716-9464 or by email at leslie@topmarketrabbitry.ca

Check out their website for the great story about their farm http://www.topmarketrabbitry.ca