When I joined the Aberfoyle Farmers’ Market board in the spring I had no idea what to expect. What I did know was how much I love the market. That is no secret to anyone reading my column for the last few months

What I didn’t know was how much goes into bringing this warm and welcoming marketplace into our community every weekend of the season. Let me tell you what I do know now.

The market is pretty much run all by volunteers. People who love to give back and are happy to participate by making a difference. So who are they all? Let me start with…..

The board. This consists of ten people who bring a diverse and vast chain of experience and talent to the table. But they do have one thing in common: passion for the community and a love of this land we call Puslinch.

I’d like to introduce them to you. I could extol their virtues ad nauseam but the editor will only allot me so much space!  So in no particular order, well ok, to be fair I’m doing it alphabetically…….

Blair Moch. Mom. Creative genius. Entrepreneur. Jam and pickle maker. Time manager extraordinaire. A woman who gets things done. She is the mastermind behind our Kid’s Day and Savour September events.

Brad Whitcombe. President. Repairer of all mechanical things. Former Mayor. Business owner. Farm visits. Shines clarity among the clouds. He is our chairman and ensures we are on the right path. And that we do it on time.

Cathy Smith. Secretary. Princess of Preserves and all things Roothams. Wonderful daughter, sister and aunt. Creator of surprise wedding anniversary parties. The board scribe. She writes down everything we say so we can’t forget.

Daina Makinson. Hmm, is there something you don’t know about me?! I can sing! Besides writing this column I also send out the press releases.

Jakki Prince. Baker of beautiful cupcakes. Guelph Mercury featured entrepreneur. Social media guru. She runs our Facebook and Twitter pages so you can all share us with your world.

Lise Burcher. Landscape Architect. Mighty woman. Professor of Landscape Architecture at U of G.  Visits the farms. Sage organizer of the Garden Days event.

Marilyn Rootham. The Mother of Roothams and all things good. Business maven. Loves dogs and yoga. Yoga instructor for weekly class held at Roothams. Must be a cool place to work. Home of our board meetings. We’d be nowhere without her.

Peter McClusky. Garlic farmer. Marketing maven. The guy with the orange hat. Outside the box thinker. He is a brainstormer and sometimes a devil’s advocate. Every team needs at least one.

Robin Wayne. Seasoned merchant. Built The Bird’s Nest. Fearless entrepreneur.  Keeper, distributor and updater of all the market signs. She creates all our ads with an astute eye. And she juries the artisans.

Terry Burr. Treasurer. Beekeeper. Honey gatherer. Grandfather to twins. Makes us laugh. The money guy. He keeps track of what makes the market go.

And then there is…

Matthew Bulmer. Executive Director and Market Manager. Founding member. Agricultural networker and team builder. Purveyor of free run chicken eggs and all around farmer. Lives and breathes for the community and the land. Farm visits. Essentially he sees all sides of things and helps us to make the best educated decisions. He’s also at the market at 6:30am each and every Saturday without fail.

Eleven people. But just a part of what brings our market to life. There is another team that we should shine a bright beam on. The volunteers you may or may not notice as you shop and banter through the aisles.

The market just doesn’t appear and reappear every week like magic! Each week Siobhan and Iain Bulmer were at the market at 6:30am to help set up and take down, without fail. And with Cameron Lago’s help they did it all season long.

Ever wonder who some of the people were sitting at the picnic table greeting you as you entered? Anran Liu was there every week to help with surveys, visitor counts and market clean up, with assistance from Ellis Perry who also helped vendors pack up.

Marie Conners was as dependable as a Swiss watch in helping us pack up on time for the 3rd year in a row. Even some of the board members, such as Brad, Lise and Cathy come to join the party and help set up and take down.

And then there are our buskers who donate their time and talent to entertain us and add an atmosphere of delight. Their music set the mood and the spirit of the market and to these talented volunteers we say BRAVO!

To help us get the message out we thank Tim Hortons in Aberfoyle and all the businesses for their support in handing out postcards. And our gratitude to Beverly Tire for having us on their sign and Picards for letting us use their sign as well.

So this is beginning to sound like an Academy Award speech!  Before the music plays over me and the editor runs me off the page we must thank The Pioneer for their generous donation, not only financially but the space they have set aside for this column every month.

We have been able to share some wonderful stories and knowledge about what makes our market tick and its place in our community. Over the winter (WHAT?! WINTER?!) months there will continue to be more interesting fun facts to come.

So now you know what I know. That our most amazing farmers’ market happens because of the most amazing people. Thank you to all of you. There are no words adequate enough to illustrate how appreciative we all are for what you bring to our community every weekend from May to October.

So, in a fashion quite unlike me, I will say simply, THANK YOU!

Check out our website www.aberfoylemarket.ca ….follow us on Twitter!@AberfoyleMarket. You can email me at fromthefield@afma.ca. We are always looking for volunteers, so why not find out what you can do to join in on the excitement?

Open from the last Saturday in May ‘til the last Saturday in October, in downtown Aberfoyle in the Optimist Rec Centre, from 8am ‘til 1pm.  See you next spring!