Welcome to the Parker Family Farm!

Parker Family Farm is an organic farm utilizing horse drawn implement power. Using sustainable methods to decrease our carbon footprint.  Visit us once again at the Aberfoyle Farmers Market for an assortment of organic vegetables, herbs, flowers, honey and more!image2

Between the trees the garden bees on this “C” class land of sandy esker and stoney drumlin, woods, fields, ponds and wetlands.  The bees gather nectar for our honey.  The fields feed the horses which work the land for oats and hay.  The woods provide shelter from UV rays and wind and protect water ways and provide fuel and building material.  The gardens, provide a whole slew of vegetables.The chickens range far and wide foraging closer to home when the fox is sly.  image3The pig is easy to get along with and a converter of waste bar none. Any number of wild birds have a field day here. An equivalence may be made with this (any number….field day) to the invasive buckthoimage6rn although one we encourage and the other discourage.

Visit us Saturdays at the Aberfoyle Farmers Market for the 2018 season !